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Kate Ryder Fleet Driver Training

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Fleet Driver Training

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that we do on a day-to-day basis and we probably don't ever stop to consider the implications of being involved in a crash. Every day there are crashes on our roads and even though we are a well developed nation we still kill about 1700 people every year (In 2017 there were 1793 killed and 170993 seriously injured). This means that there are 5 people today who won't be going home to their family tonight.
A sobering thought?

distribution fleet driver training

Fleet driver training involves visiting companies and spending time with their drivers and ensuring that they understand the risks and potential consequences each time they take a vehicle out on the road. 

I can offer bespoke courses including:

* Driving for business (car and van)
* Slow manoeuvring techniques
* Motorway confidence (including SMART motorways)
* Post collision rehabilitation training
* Eco driving
* Taxi assessment training
* RoSPA and IAM advanced driving test preparation
* Driving licence checking

Apart from reducing crashes the other benefits to your company are lower insurance costs, lower fuel costs and less staff down time.

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