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Kate Ryder Fleet Driver Training

Tel: 01270 587665

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The Terms and Conditions set out below are to be accepted if driver training is to commence with Kate Ryder Driver Training:


A full driving licence, a provisional driving licence or international driving licence must be held in order to drive on public roads in the United Kingdom. Your driving licence must be shown to your driving instructor in advance or at the start of your first driving lesson.You should be fit to drive in terms of any medical and legal requirements

The student must inform the driving instructor of any change in the status of their driving licence.The driving instructor may at anytime request to see the student’s driving licence.


Driving lesson fees are paid for in advance or at the start of the lesson.Payment can be made either in cash or cheque made payable to Mrs C Ryder

If you need to cancel a driving lesson, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required.Failure to provide notice or attend the lesson will result in the full lesson fee being paid (£25).

Your driving instructor reserves the right to cancel the lesson if he or she suspects the learner maybe unfit to drive due to alcohol or drugs.In these circumstances the full lesson fee is payable.


Driving lessons will commence at a pre-arranged location and will finish at a location that is mutually agreed with yourself and your instructor.This may be a different location from where the lesson commenced.Different locations can be discussed with your instructor although if you are unable to drive to this location due to inexperience of the road conditions the instructor will drive.The instructor driving you to this location will form part of the driving lesson which has been paid for.


Tuition vehicles provided by Kate Ryder Driver Training are fully insured for the purpose of driver training and for the driving test.The vehicle is fitted with dual controls.

We do allow driving lessons to be conducted in the learners own car although the learner must be of a appropriate level of driving experience, the car must be fully insured, taxed and if appropriate have a valid MOT.These documents must be shown to the driving instructor before the lesson commences.


Your driving instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the tuition vehicle for the driving test if he or she believes that you represent a danger to public safety or if the instructor is of the opinion that your competence is not to the required standard.A minimum of 2 hours is booked for the driving test which allows for 30 minutes drive before the test, arriving at the test centre 10 minutes prior to the booked test time and returning home afterwards.

Your driving instructor will ensure that the test vehicle is fully road worthy and complies with all legal requirements with regards to the practical test.

Your driving instructor will not be held responsible for DSA driving test cancellations due to examiner sickness, bad weather or staff shortages.These events are beyond the control of your driving instructor and the full lesson fee will be payable.


Your instructor agrees to abide by the conditions of the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency’s Code of Practice for Driving Instructors.A copy of this is attached.In the unlikely event of complaint or dispute the guidelines of the Code of Practice will be adhered to.


One hour driving lesson£25*

Hire of tuition vehicle for practical driving test£40

Pass Plus (minimum of 6 hours)£150

Pass Plus in clients own car (with 10% discount)£135

Motorway lesson (2 hours)£50 or £free!

6 Month refresher lesson£free!

  • Following successful completion of the driving test, I will offer a complimentary lesson - either a motorway driving lesson or a refresher lesson 6 months after passing the test to make sure that you still drive to a high standard. Driving Instructors will tell you that they don't just teach people to pass a test, they teach people 'safe driving for life' if that is the case then why do people still crash? It's all to do with attitude after passing the test so I'm offering ongoing support post driving test.

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