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Kate Ryder Fleet Driver Training

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Driver training with Kate Ryder


Overall this was an excellent drive to a very high standard. Catherine left nothing to chance and dealt with all hazards in a professional and systematic manner. Throughout the drive she gave a very detailed and instructive commentary covering all facets of advanced driving. I would have to say that this was a total demonstration drive throughout. I particularly liked her smooth and precise driving style which is always the hallmark of an advanced driver. I was more than happy to award Catherine a pass and for her to retain her Diploma qualification. Very well done!

RoSPA Diploma 3 yearly retest comments - Jan 2019

Thank you so much Kate for helping me pass my driving test. 

After putting off learning to drive for years and being nervous, you made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I couldn't have done it without you and I'm going to miss our chats. Thanks again

Sophie, Nantwich

Happy to say I passed with a Gold award. Thank you for all the support and help with that!

George, RoSPA Advanced Driving test client, Nantwich

Got a Silver! Thanks very much for all the training that you gave me, it will come in handy!
Les, RoSPA Advanced Driving test Client, Liverpool

Kate was absolutely brilliant - she really made me feel at ease but was very professional too ... she kept on top of everything I was trying to achieve on this course throughout. The whole course was set out perfectly. She's an absolute credit to you and I really enjoyed the day and intend to keep up as I am now with the "driving" game!! It made me think a lot of how much I have let slip in 20 odd years!! Would recommend this course to everyone I know ... whether they take it is up to them and have shared it with so many people already!

Annie, "Driving in Mind" client, Wilmslow

I passed Kate :-) Thank you for very much for your kind and sweet wishes, thanks a lot!

Khurram, taxi test candidate, Derby

Thanks for today, you made what I thought would be a horrible day into a very fun day! You're very calming and it's great that you can have a joke or two. And thank you for giving up your Friday!

Chris, RoSPA fleet client, Manchester

Thank you so much for being the best instructor I could ever of wished for! You've been so patient and supportive, not only with teaching me to drive but also with sixth form :-) Thanks for everything - all the best

Lauren, Crewe

This is the second training session for me for me and I really now value the training and support given. The length was appropriate the professional nature was excellent and Kate made me feel at ease so more natural in my driving style so I learnt more

Simon, fleet client, Crewe

I found Kate to be approachable, friendly and professional. The driving experience was beneficial and Kate was able to give me pointers worth considering as a means to developing my current driving skill set. I would highly recommend Kate as a point of reference for driving instruction and/or development. Please pass on my thanks for the experience

Shane, RoSPA fleet client, North Wales

I was quite nervous beforehand but Kate gave me really good advice and now I feel prepared to drive the van for deliveries :)
Georgina, fleet client, Manchester

Kate was very patient and explained things very well. She made me feel very much at ease and more confident
Pauline, Wirral Driving Safer For Longer initiative, Merseyside Road Safety Partnership

Having not driven for a few years after passing my test Kate put me at ease during my lessons as I was very nervous. Her professional and friendly manner helped my confidence grow. I look forward to motorway lessons in the future! Thanks Kate!

Tasha, Nantwich

A delightful experience increasing my confidence. Kate put me at my ease immediately

Jean, Wirral Driving Safer For Longer, Merseyside Road Safety Partnership

This has been a very positive experience. Kate, the instructor was lovely. I received very helpful 'tips' which I will take on board as I'm driving. I think it has given me confidence to know I can continue driving quite safely

Eunice, Wirral Driving Safer for Longer initiative, Merseyside Road Safety Partnership

Many thanks for today. I really enjoyed the driving experience. Wishing you good luck for the future

Mark, RoSPA fleet client, Newcastle-Under-Lyme

Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything and all your patience with me. I can't thank you enough xx

Tracy, Crewe

Thank you so so much Kate. Couldn't have done it without you! xx

Emma, Crewe

Thank you so much Kate! Made up with passing first time! Couldn't have done it without you! You're amazing!

Hayden, Crewe

2 weeks ago I attended a RoSPA Advanced Driving Course with Kate. I found Kate professional, polite, friendly and very informative. I learnt a great deal, and enjoyed the company immensely during the day. It was challenging at times, but I was given encouragement, and gained the necessary confidence to follow instructions and discover new driving skills. Thank you so much Kate Ryder

Hassan, RoSPA fleet client, Warrington

Kate is a brilliant instructor and makes you drive to your very best each lesson! I was quite nervous behind the wheel on my first time but she soon helped me conker my fears and I passed first time yesterday. Thank you so much x

Louise, Crewe

Kate is a fantastic instructor! I was an extremely nervous driver and hadn't really driven since passing my test 5 years ago so I decided to have some refresher lessons with Kate. She is extremely friendly, calm and puts you at ease straight away. Kate has built up my confidence to the point where I feel comfortable driving on my own, something I wouldn't have dreamed I would be able to do just a month ago! I would recommend her to anybody. Thank you so much Kate!

Laura, Crewe

Thank you to Kate. Anyone who is learning to drive I would highly recommend Kate Ryder, such a nice easy drive with her and comfortable. I was with a male instructor before and I could see such a difference in her patience and fitting me around work. Thank you :-)

Sophie, Crewe

I took up driving lessons with Kate after I was getting nowhere with my first instructor. She is extremely friendly, easy to get along with and have a laugh with. After our first few lessons she was encouraging me to put in for my test (something my previous instructor wasn't even hinting at!). Kate teaches you everything you need to know to a high standard and her car is great to drive. Thank you so much for getting me through my test first time! Highly recommend! :-) x

Josh, Crewe

Delightful experience! Kate was kind and patient helping me learn UK roads and rules. After 30+ years of driving she even showed me a new trick or two :-) Thank Kate Ryder!

Jeannine, Sandbach

I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor! Kate was a pleasure to learn with and I wouldn't be driving the way I drive now if it wasn't for her! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn at a professional level. Kate makes you feel calm and like you can do everything even if you doubt yourself, trust me I had a lot of that! Kate wasn't only a driving instructor but she is also a friend, I'm glad I had the pleasure of being a learner with her. Thank you Kate, couldn't of passed without you!

Lauren, Crewe

Thank you for helping me pass and putting up with my 'Sally' moments xxx

Sally, Holmes Chapel

Thank you for believing in Sally when I wasn't sure .. Thank you for helping Sally achieve her dream .. And lastly Thank you!! xx

Hazel & Ian (Sally's parents)

Thanks for getting me through my test in one piece! You're the best!

Josh, Crewe

Thank you so much for helping me to pass my driving test! You are the best driving instructor ever, you teach the basics at first to make sure I felt confident on the roads which has really helped me now when I'm out on my own. You're really easy to get on with too which made me look forward to my lessons! Thanks again xxx

Lydia, Crewe

I came across Kate on her website and read all these reviews on how good she was . With me already having two driving instructors previously which made me feel like I was getting nowhere with them, wasting time and money I thought I'd contact Kate and yes that was the best decision I've made by far! Throughout the first few lessons with Kate I was pretty nervous but had no reason to be as I was so comfortable speaking to her and asking questions. Kate is so lovely, she is easy to get along with and when driving she puts your mind at ease so your relaxed and comfortable to drive. So would just like to say a massive thank you again to Kate Ryder on helping me pass my driving test. I honestly couldn't do it without you!

Kelly, Crewe

Kate thank you so much for getting me through my driving test! You have the patience of a saint and the ability to explain things so clearly and I've enjoyed every minute. I would recommend you to anybody. Thank you so much x

Mandy, Crewe

I just want to say thank you so much to Kate Ryder for helping me pass my driving test! She's an amazing teacher who teaches to a very high standard and I'd recommend her to anyone :) Really enjoyed everything, thanks Kate :) xx

Alex, Crewe

Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test and for making each lesson enjoyable. You're a great teacher and so easy to get along with, I always looked forward to my lessons

David, Crewe

Thanks for all your help Kate, I really enjoyed learning to drive with you. You're a pleasure to work with :) x

Katie, Crewe

Thank you Kate, it has been a pleasure to be taught by you, thanks again for the experience x

Ellie, Crewe

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice during my driving lessons. I also want to say thanks for not only being my instructor but my friend too!! Still can't believe I've passed!! xx

Emma, Nantwich

Thank you for everything! xx

Chloe & Nicole, Crewe

Thank you for your belief in me ... You never gave up on me even when I did myself. I have really enjoyed learning to drive with you and would recommend your driving school! You are very patient and relaxed making it a joy to learn! I'm looking forward to Pass Plus with you now! Thank you for all your support and encouragement, it's given me a massive confidence boost passing first time, so thank you!!! xxx

Cassie, Crewe

Want to say thank you sooo much for teaching me how to drive! Like a 2nd mum to me :) Never had a lesson where it hasnt been a laugh! Will miss you lots!! Always will recommend you! Thank you very much for all your help Xxx

Ceri, Crewe

Thank you so much Kate for helping me to pass my driving test first time! I had a great time learning with you, and the confidence I have gained on the road is all due to your amazing teaching. I love being able to drive safely and having all my own independence. Thank you again. See you on the road xx

Lucy, Crewe

Thank you very much for everything, I can honestly say my girls drive excellent after lessons with you!! Lucy absolutely loves driving herself around!!! Xx

Lynn (Lucy's Mum), Crewe

Thank you for teaching me to drive and helping me to pass, I couldn't have done it without you, Thank you

Liam, Crewe

Thanks again for your patience and encouragement. You definitely made a fab driver out of my son. He took me out for a spin earlier and I felt so relaxed, John was impressed too. You're a star!! xx

Heather (Liam's Mum), Crewe

Kate, I would like to thank you for all your patience and perseverance and when I felt like quitting you gave me the push I needed to carry on so thank you for everything x

Bev, Crewe

Thanks so much for the time you spent teaching me, it was really enjoyable and I couldn't think of anyone better to teach me, so glad I've passed and it wouldn't have been possible without you, thanks so much!

Nathan, Crewe

You definitely are the best instructor around! Thank you so much xx

Charlotte, Crewe

Just want to say thank you! Lottie is so thrilled to have passed first time. Thank you again for your patience (with me as well as Lottie). You have been so kind. See you soon for the motorway lessons xx

Sue (Charlotte's Mum), Crewe

Thanks for everything Kate !

Aaron, Crewe

Just wanted to say thanks for giving me the confidence to get behind the wheel again and I actually have a really nice car that's so easy to drive. Anyway ... I always ramble on, so the point I am trying to make is ... thanks :-) x

Simon, Crewe

Kate, thank you so much for building my confidence while driving and allowing me to actually enjoy it!! It was like driving with a friend. It obviously paid to search for someone new who I thought I could connect with. I will miss our weekly chats and keep me updated on Facebook. PS I will take you for a coffee one day :-) xx

Poppy, Crewe

I've learnt more with you in 3 weeks than I did in 2 years with my other instructor

Mags, Crewe

Thanks for all the help you have given me, I have really enjoyed learning to drive with you and couldn't have done it without you! You make driving lessons fun!:) I'm gonna miss our Tuesday and Fridays moaning at people haha, make sure you're still teaching in 3 years because my Mum has already said my little brother is not allowed any other than you to teach him, all the best with everything and keep in touch! PS You're welcome to drive the Mini anytime!!!!

Lauren, Crewe

Thank you Kate for getting both of my daughters through their driving test. I believe your skilled teaching and patience was the reason they quickly gained confidence and passed first time. I would recommend anyone looking for an instructor to go with you, even if it means waiting, no one could be better

Jane, Willaston (Mum of Grace and Beth)

Thank you so much for all your help and patience whilst teaching me to drive. I hope we can stay in touch xx lots of love and thank you again xx

Lesley, Crewe

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive and helping me pass my test first time! I felt so much more relaxed and confident with you rather than my previous instructor and I will recommend you to everyone! Definetely going to miss our Tuesday mornings and the singing! Still can't believe I've got my licence :D xxx

Claire, Crewe

Claire - you did really well considering a motorcyclist drove into us on the way to the test centre. It's a day I'll never forget either! x

I moved here to the UK from US 4 years ago and was an experienced driver of 30 years ... on the other side of the road. I was really nervous about driving here as it is so much different and, quite honestly, more difficult than in the States. When I started searching for driving instructors, I found Kate's website and really liked what she had to say and loved her passion for what she does. Finding her was a stroke of luck. She not only made me feel incredibly at ease but was able to to help me to wrap my head around the differences of driving here as opposed to the States. And ... she has the easiest and best method of parallel parking! Thanks to Kate, I can now officially drive on the 'correct' side of the road. Kate is, bar none, the best driving instructor in Cheshire and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive or improve their current driving skills.

Julene, Crewe

I want to thank you for making me the driver I am today! You are an excellent tutor and I enjoyed every lesson. I felt comfortable and at ease driving your car :) x

Abbie, Crewe

Such a wonderful day! Finally I passed my driving test! Really blessed that I've got such a wonderful driving teacher x thank you so much x

Hoi Lam, Macau

Thank u Kate for being the bestest driving instructor ever and getting me through my test! I will recommend u to everyone. Not just an instructor but a great friend! Keep in touch :)

Steph, Crewe

I thought that this was a very good session. You gave good, clear, well reasoned advice to help your clients improve. Your own enthusiasm shows and infects the clients, making the advice that you give much more acceptable. Your feedback to the clients was always positive and encouraging, using praise where it was deserved. You are a very good trainer who puts her knowledge across in a clear and well reasoned manner that both the clients can easily relate to. Good job - well done!

Cheshire Police, National Driver Alertness Course Practical Assessment Report (8 Jan 2013)

Thank you very much for being a great instructor! :)

Ed, Crewe

Thank you so much for getting me through my driving test. Felt so at ease learning with you and enjoyed it so much. xx

Dee, Nantwich

Thank you so much to Kate for getting me through my driving test today!! Very good driving instructor and will be recommended to many people. Will miss our chats and laughter xx

Sam, Crewe

Thank you for your patience and excellent tuition - the pass is completely down to your efforts and I'm extremely grateful. Best of luck for the future and I'm sure I'll be intouch about that refresher at some point!

Phil, Haslington

I enjoyed my tuition with you very much and am still going through the exercises and programs which I find most useful. Many thanks for your help and your patience. Kindest regards

Norman, Cheshire Police Driver Referral Scheme

Thank you for being such a great driving instructor and for being patient with me xxx

Beth, Crewe

Just finished my Pass Plus with Kate, the motorway doesn't seem as scary now. Thank you Kate :) xx

Joanna, Crewe

Thank you so much for getting me through my test, by far the kindest best instructor ever, everyone should learn with Kate.

Jo, Crewe

Would like to thank you Kate for getting Jo through her test ... you are a lovely lady and would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive x

Jo's Mum, Crewe

Do come to the shop when you are in town, I will join you for a coffee and tell you the highs and lows of being a driver at the Olympics. It was not a cushy number but I was glad to be involved in a small way. Thank you for your help and I picked up a few useful tips on my driving from you.

Sue, London 2012 volunteer driver

Thanks Kate for teaching me how to drive! I learnt a lot more quickly with you than with my previous instructor and I really enjoyed you teaching me. Can't believe I have finally passed! I literally never thought I would haha

Abby, Crewe

Thank you so you so much for helping me to drive. You've helped me to build my confidence so much.

Rosie, Willaston

Kate, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You have been amazing and I have had such fun learning to drive with you, you have always been confident in me even when I lacked it myself. Not only do I have a pass certificate, I have found a friend in you ... thank you again. And I will see you soon xx

Sarah, Sandbach

You are a true legend - thanks SO much for getting George through his driving test today. Never mind your Olympic work, you deserve Olympic Gold for tenacity, patience and for never losing your sense of humour ... well apart from that day he nearly had the collision with the lorry on the roundabout hehe!!! Respect!!!

Ruth (George's mum), Leeds

Ruth - I still have nightmares of that day! But how could I lose my patience with someone who turns up to his driving lesson apparently oblivious to the fact he's got his pyjamas on. Thank you for letting me teach him to drive - it's been an experience (and a pleasure!). KR

Thank you so much for all your hard work, patience and motivation. I will never forget what you have done for me, you've helped to make my dream come true. I wish you nothing but happiness for the future. I 100% recommend Kate Ryder. Thank you xx

Gail, Crewe

Very happy to have passed my driving test. Big thanks to my fantastic driving instructor Kate Ryder :-)

Matt, Wybunbury

Thankyou Kate, I'm going to miss our driving lessons and the banter

Faye, Nantwich

Thank you Kate for teaching me to drive ....... best driving instructor ever :) Thank you again

Beth, Nantwich

Just wanted to say my driving experience with Kate has been amazing, she has made me a very confident driver. Kate was always reliable and it was never too much trouble for her to collect for my lessons at various locations. My lessons were always interesting and fun, I would recommend her without hesitation.

Lauren, Crewe

With the help of Kate's friendly and professional lessons I was able to pass my driving test first time.

Katie, Nantwich

Nice car, lovely person to learn with and very professional

Nicola, Crewe

Kate is an encouraging, reliable, patient and friendly instructor. She brought a positive light and sense of humour in my driving lessons which made them more enjoyable

Emma, Crewe

As a nervous driver Kate's teaching approach was excellent. I honestly didn't have much confidence in myself but Kate knew I had the capability! Would highly recommend :)

Donna, Crewe

Kate is an amazing, bubbly and fun person who made me see driving as something fun. Learning to drive with her makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. So what can I say, perfect teacher :)

Marcin, Crewe (Thanks Marcin for my few words of Polish!)

Friendly, reliable and professional driving instructor

Stephanie, Crewe

Kate immediately puts you at ease, she is friendly, supportive and encouraging - she made my driving lessons a pleasure not a chore

Vicki, Sandbach

Patient and encouraging with positive feedback

Vicky, Crewe

Our sessions were fun, you were friendly, you worked at my own pace and your advice helped me pass my test

Hannah, Crewe

Just loved the jokes and sense of humour, just made it something to look forward to

Alison, Crewe

A fun and enjoyable experience. You were flexible and I would recommend you to anyone

Tom, Crewe

Kate has a very calming manner, relaxing the student and making the lessons enjoyable

Chris, Crewe

Very friendly and taught me to drive with complete self confidence

Mike, Sandbach

My driving lessons with Kate really did give me the confidence to pass my test first time. Enjoyable, economical lessons that I'd recommend to anyone

Ellie, Surrey

So far I've had about 8 or 9 lessons with Kate and am pleased with how well its going. There is no pressure and Kate is teaching me at my own pace. The lessons are nice and informal but at the same time Kate is very professional - it's amazing how much one person can know about things driving related!

Andy, Crewe

Very patient, kept things light hearted which made the lessons fun and at the same time I learnt a lot

Fiona, Crewe

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