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Kate Ryder Fleet Driver Training

Tel: 01270 587665

Mobile: 07949 512300

Why choose Kate Ryder Fleet Driver Training?

Bespoke Service

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I have worked for numerous training organisations and noticed that quite often the booking is made with a training company but neither you or your driver know anything about the trainer until they turn up on the day. 

With me the booking will be made with me and I will be the trainer. This ensures that you will receive a 100% bespoke service.

If you have a number of drivers who need training quickly I do have a small number of trusted and highly qualified colleagues that I can call upon across the UK.

I am based in Crewe, Cheshire but I’m always willing to travel to other parts of the UK.

Refresher Courses

I will also be able to alert you when refresher sessions are required (usually every 3 years).

Contact Me

Call me or email me via our contact form to discuss your specific requirements

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