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The UK Driving Test


The UK Driving Test

As soon as you have passed the theory test you are able to apply for the practical test.

You will meet your examiner in the test waiting room and he will ask to see your documents. You should have with you your full driving licence (the paper section and the photo card), your theory test certificate and letter confirming the date and time of the test. The examiner will then ask you to sign a form to confirm that the car is insured for test use.

Eyesight Test

The examiner will ask you to take you to the car but before you get in the car he will ask you to read a number plate of another vehicle at a distance of 20.5m or 20m for new style number plates. If you are unable to do this the test will be terminated.

The Driving Bit!

After the eyesight test you will be asked 2 of the show me/tell me questions (they're listed on another page).

The examiner will then join you in the car and ask you to "follow the road ahead, unless road markings or road signs tell you otherwise. If I do want you to turn I will ask you in good time." If you are unsure of a direction just ask!

The test will last about 30-40 minutes and will cover all kinds of road conditions. You will be asked to do 1 of the reversing manoeuvres and 10 minutes of independent driving. All areas of the test will have been covered in your lessons with me so by the time of your driving test you will be fully prepared for anything that the examiner asks you to do.

Top Ten Reasons Why People Fail

  • Observation at junctions
  • Reverse parking
  • Use of mirrors
  • Reversing around a corner
  • Incorrect use of signals
  • Moving away safely
  • Incorrect positioning
  • Lack of steering control
  • Incorrect positioning to turn right
  • Inappropriate speed (fast and slow)

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